San Miguel de Allende

SMA’s reputation was so hyped up that at first glance it failed to impress.
My expectations were too high, and it didn’t take my breath away.
It doesn’t have the type of beauty that envelopes you and makes your heart skip a beat. No Stendhal syndrome here for me.
Mind you, it is a nice-looking colonial town, but not stunningly beautiful on the outside. What is beautiful here for me is what’s not immediately visible: the courtyards, interiors of the colonial houses, the cobblestone under your feet, the panoramic views off numerous hills, the carved doors, the cast metal door handles, and the facades of vivid, luscious, succulent terra cotta colors with peeling paint that gives them appearance of abstract paintings
There are some awesome spots though.
The churches have gorgeous cupolas and spires. The main church is a Gothic Gaudi: a rhapsody in grey and pink.
The streets around the main square teem with artsy stores and art galleries. The merchandise they sell is hardly what I would want to buy but it is original, artfully displayed, and so much fun to look at, that shopping here could be a destination in itself.
There are also loads of restaurants: one more charming than the other.
But tonight we dined at a not terribly charming restaurant, Bistro Mi Casa; although, it is located in an awfully charming courtyard. And the food was mediocre at best.
We came here not for food but to hear a band that plays here once a week; and the band was FANTASTIC!!!
The lead was a well known Mexican guitarist Gil Gutierez who was FABULOUS!!!!
The second acoustic guitar was a young Mexican kid, and he was SUPERB!!!
The band also included a French accordion player, a Spanish electric bass-guitarist, a Mexican drummer, and a cute Spanish balladeer.
They were just so super stupendous!
They played to a mostly American audience, and for the encore, they did a song they dedicated to “the wall”.
And everybody laughed, heartily and lightheartedly 🙂


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