First Day in Mexico City

Mexico City doesn’t make a good first impression. Being a hapless victim of the infamous Mexico city traffic jam, you endure a slow and torturous ride through the seemingly endless third world neighborhoods and wonder: what do people love about this city?
Even Polanco, the ritziest area of the city, where we are staying, failed to impress.
We headed to the Anthropological Museum by foot. Not expecting uneven pavement and unusually high and uneven curbs, I tripped and went flying down on the ground. Miraculously, with no bones broken but scraped and bruised, I headed on, my mood further dampened. The museum also disappointed. With raving reviews on all tourist sites, my expectations must have been overly high. It is definitely a must-see for first-time visors, but not on par with the best museums of the world. Maybe so because pre-Columbian art is not my thing, and maybe, because so many exhibits are replicas of the real mccoy.
Still, we stayed until closing and then walked to the restaurant we reserved for dinner in the trendy Roma neighborhood.
Nighttime does magic to decaying cities. Shrouded by darkness and lit up in the strategic places, they look their best and come to life. Restaurants and shops became lively and inviting, and old colonial buildings looked polished and stately.
The restaurant, Fonda Fina, was charming and served a modern take on traditional Mexican food. Our bill for two, including 3 drinks (wonderful!), two appetizers, one main course, and two deserts came to $55. And all that was delicious! Sadly, my waking up at 4:30AM, flying, and being in the high altitude of Mexico City, took their toll on me – the dinner went back the way it came in.
Oh well, at least no weight gain the first day of overeating. But not a good start of the trip 😦


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