Masks of Venice

I was successful.  Perhaps too successful.  The loot added up to 3.
The first mask came from Atelier Marega.  It’s a face with a hand covering one eye.  This atelier appears to be selling work by four different mask-makers – there were four distinctly different styles exhibited. The masks I liked the most here were fancy half-masks, for real wear. Were I to go to a masked ball, this is where I would get my fix.
The second came from an atelier down the street, Ca’ del Sol.  This atelier is a one designer and many mask-makers shop. This shop had the look I was going for: something from the backstage of a theater, with lights slightly deemed and baroque music playing in the background. The owner was at the premises – an artsy type, with long hair and a beret. He looked more French than Italian, but was actually from Iran (so much for Venetian masks ;-)) I was looking for a traditional type of mask with an artistic touch and I hope that’s what I got.  The mask is of Pierrot, but this Pierrot’s face has personality, it has character.  Unfortunately for me, I fell in love with another mask, a mask of Joker and couldn’t decide between the two. This Joker had a silhouette of a plague doctor painted across one of its eyes. That was an unusual touch, and that what did it for me. Both ended up coming home with me -why, they needed each other!  Pierrot was too sad to leave his old home alone…
Fortunately for me, never made it to the third and most famous atelier, Ca’ Macana, the one that gained its celebrity status after it had been chosen by Stanley Kubrick for his movie Eyes Wide Shot.  I’ve seen their masks though, they were sold at different mask outposts throughout the city. Ca’ Macana’s masks are definitely different and beautifully made, but they were not what I was looking for: they were less traditionally Venetian: faces with angry expressions, devils, animals – nothing I would want to put on the wall.  It’s not that I have anything against ugly faces, I actually like them: cabbage patch dolls, trolls, witches, but not angry devils. I did buy an ugly face, not a mask but a marionette of a wood spirit. His ugly green face is sweet and his outfit, made of burlap, is fashionable enough to walk the Milan runway.
So my two days in Venice went by in a flash. I had thought that since I’ve been to Venice several times, two days, tacked at the end of this trip, would be enough. Not so. Never enough of Venice!


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