Musings on Sweden

24 hrs. is enough to see Visby, but not enough to see the rest of Gotland. I would’ve liked to see the rock formations and Viking sites, but we’d need two more full days and a car. Also, would’ve liked to visit the Visby museum with many “picture stones” from the Viking times, but didn’t have time for that either.
The ferry trip to/from Gotland is a cultural experience. The crowd on the ferry (and on the island) is a bit different from the crowd in Stockholm. These are mostly very blond families with mostly fathers attending to their kids – have never seen such doting fathers!
Overall, Sweden is very different from all the other countries I’ve been to. Its population is uniform and this population created an egalitarian society that works for them because the people here are law-abiding, hard-working, efficient, and down to earth. Women wear little makeup and favor peasant blouses, lace, and natural fabrics, like linen and cotton. Their food is organic and uninventive – and they are satisfied eating it. The variety of food products in the supermarkets is limited, but they don’t seem to be complaining. Most buildings are basic and the interiors are rustic – they don’t like to show off. I bet they have practically no stress, thus- they live longer and grow taller. The drawback is that all this good simple life, all this puritanism, all this being into themselves and being satisfied with what they have are not conducive to creativity. I don’t know about their state of science and technology, but art in the few galleries we passed along the way is uninspiring to say the least. In the entire week I spent here, there was only one item in a one gallery that attracted my attention.
That said, I think this is a great country to live in and even a greater country to raise a family. I am very impressed! And kudos to all those dads!


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