In the City of Many Museums

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city with so many museums. There are over 80 here for the population of 2 mil. Granted, most of them are not world-class, but still, it is quite impressive.
The museums we visited are all geared to children. They are very educational, explanatory, and hands-on. They go into a detailed and child-friendly explanations of all things Swedish. And that makes sense because Sweden seems to be very family-oriented. For example, children under 18 are admitted into museums free of charge.
It is a known fact that fathers here get paternity leaves along with mothers, and it is visible. There are a lot of young and hip-looking fathers around taking care of their youngsters. It is just so sweet!
On a different note, me being me, I have to comment on the fashion.
The clothes and shoes in the stores seem to be unattractive and of poor quality. Yet, the Swedes wear them well. People are well-dressed here, the clothes are put together nicely, the people look fashionable and elegant – I guess they do have good taste to accomplish that, with what’s available to them.
Another observation is that this country, one of the wealthiest in the world, does not come off as such. Hotels and restaurants have a shabby and outdated appearance, even the famed Grand Hotel, they all look tired and aged, like they are in dire need of total renovation.
It’s hard to write about Sweden. Sweden is very…neutral. It causes no strong emotions – good or bad.
Tomorrow, we leave for Gotland. Gotland is supposed to be very charming, a World Heritage site. Will report from there.
So my verdict for Stockholm is that it is a beautiful city, while not the most beautiful in the world, it is still worthwhile visiting in the second tier of countries, once you’ve done the first tier, in between finishing the first tier and doing it again 🙂


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