On Joan of Arc’s Trail

We left Amboise this morning.  Les Fleurons is a wonderful property, especially if you get to stay in the room with a fireplace and the view of the river.  The only complaints I had were the weak coffee and the bread that could be a bit more…well, French.

En route to Paris, we stopped in Blois for our last castle.  This one would take # 7 on my list.  I think we were just getting jaded.  If I saw this castle anywhere else in the world, I’d be in awe.  Blois is another sight connected to Joan of Arc.  Here, near the chateau, at the time, there was a church where she had her banner blessed before the Battle of Orleans.  The church is there no more, demolished during the French Revolution.  Those damn revolutionaries!  Where revolutions happen, they bring more grief than glory to the population, and they destroy their national heritage.

En route from Blois to Paris, we were going to stop in Orleans, since we have been on Joan’s trail.  I gotta say, this girl got around!  It takes awhile to get from place to place here in   a comfortable car, on paved roads, and she travelled on a horse through the woods.  A tough girl she was!

So we went directly to Paris as we had dinner reservation at Le Pantruche.  I’ll tell you, L’Evidence in Tours is a hard act to follow!  The food at Le Pantruche was ok, good I guess, but it will take some time for the memory of L’Evidence to fade from our senses.



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