A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

If you stop in the middle of the street with an open map in your hands, within twenty seconds a passerby inevitably walks up to you and offers help. People are wickedly friendly here!
Guess what we did on our last day in Australia? Well, we went to look at more aboriginal art, of course! Although this time, in a museum.
But first things first – we had our last great cup of coffee. Ordering coffee in Melbourne is not a simple affair. While they have all the usual types on the menu, in addition, you can order long, flat, white, and several other types I don’t recall. Whatever I ordered turned out to have 3 (three!) shots of espresso! Serious stuff!
Next, we checked out Queen Victoria Market – a pretty nice farmers’ market as far as farmers’ markets go, and had brunch comprising hot doughnuts and other fresh things. Only after, did we go to the Ian Potter Center that was advertised as having twenty rooms dedicated to Australian art. In reality, most of the rooms were closed off and only several featured paintings by only one tribe. This particular tribe started painting on canvass as recently as 2006. I don’t get it! There were several certain masterpieces there! How is it possible!? Are these people born artists? Their work is so organic, so vivid, so textural!
Did I tell you I love aboriginal art? 🙂
Sadly, we seemed to cover all the Aboriginal art there was to see in this city, so we took a stroll: pleasant, albeit a bit long, along St. Kilda road, a wide boulevard lined with office buildings and high-end apartment houses with lavish landscaping and architecturally challenged facades. Our destination was the seaside neighborhood of St. Kilda, which we reached in just about over an hour. Now, before I came to this country, I was reading about Sydney and Melbourne being compared to LA and New York. Well, nothing is compared to NYC and I don’t remember LA, but to me, Sydney is Australian San Francisco and Melbourne is Miami. It became especially evident during this walk to St. Kilda and on the St. Kilda’s esplanade.
It started to rain for a change, so we jumped on a tram and went to the Modern Art Museum, this one also half empty of exhibits and also housed in one of those incongruent Melburnian architectural fiascos. Only, this museum had a lovely exhibit of clothes by Linda Jackson, a fashion designer, whose design style is unique and is called “Bush Couture.” An interesting take on aboriginal art!
So this is it, and here is my verdict on Australia (if you care to know): It’s a nice place to visit, it’s probably even a nicer place to live. Life seems stressless, quiet, comfortable here. Its cities are not very beautiful, but pleasant and vibrant. The food in Melbourne is good. There are several unique sites, but overall, this is not a must see before you die kind of place. I would put it into tier 2 of places to visit. But this is, of course, only my humble opinion.


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