Koalas, and Wombats, and Devils, oh my!

Today, we took a train to Blacktown, one of Sydney’s suburbs, to the Featherdale Wildlife Preserve.
You, future visitors to Sydney, forget about the Sydney Zoo. For half the price you can have twice as much fun at Featherdale.
While the zoo has all kinds of animals, Featherdale is home to Australian animals only, and that is what visitors to Australia want to see. The place is awesome! It is home to animals as exotic as their names. You can hug a koala all day along and walk among wallabies, who are so tame, they allow you to scratch their backs. One little fella let me hold his hand in exchange for allowing him to chew on my shirt string. The tasmanian devil was awake and was scurrying around his enclosure, a wombat was toddling back and forth in his, koalas were fully awake and running around, a dingo was sleeping in his cage, emus were fighting with wallabies for food, exotic chicken and peacocks were walking on the paths, colorful birds, flying foxes, and ghost bats were in full view in their huge cages, wow! This was awesome!
On the way back to Sydney, we stopped at a mall by the train station. Like I had said, Asians prevail here, so most of the restaurants at the food court were Asian. I had a hard time deciding on which Asian food to settle, but ended up with a super duck pho in a fragrant broth. Top quality food in a mall joint!
In Sydney, we went back to Oxford street, the neighborhood that held the Mardi Gras parade. Oxford street is a colorful mix of gritty, artsy, and the fifties. It’s largely gay with signs like “we are hetero friendly,” “The Pleasure Lounge,” “Adult Concepts,” and so on. There are a lot of Thai, Laotian, and Vietnamese eateries, art galleries, and cool shops in houses bearing the construction dates: 1901, 1887, 1883.
Further down, the neighborhood turned less gritty. We were in Paddington, as one of the signs said, one of the oldest historical areas of Sydney. The streets were lined with local designers boutiques, no exciting designs in the windows, but worthy of visiting had I had more time.
But time was running short, we had a reservation at one of Sydney’s more famous eating establishments, Rockpool.
While the food presentation and texture were remarkable, I cannot say the same about the flavor. We didn’t love it, it was kind of bland, and my lamb, that was supposed to be medium-rare, was more raw-rare. While the food was disappointing to us, the deserts were outstanding hands down. I had passion fruit soufflĂ© with passion ice cream, and Kenny had something with coconut.
Still, this would not be the place for me to go back to.
Tomorrow we are leaving for Ayers Rock. My last morning to see sunrise over the opera house :-((


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