Over the Bridge and into the Zoo

The best thing about Sydney so far is the Park Hyatt hotel.  My jet lag is brutal, and I am up way before dawn.  Through our picture window, we can see the first rays of sun breaking through the darkness.  To see the opera house, we have to come out onto the balcony (tough life :-)), but from the balcony, this orchid in stone is slowly lighting up in the rising sun.

Right outside the hotel is the famous Harbor Bridge.  The bridge itself is only ok, I am not terribly impressed with its appearance, I have seen better-looking bridges, but it’s a nice prop for the opera house (I am obsessed with it, can’t you tell?)  Today was the first sunny day in 3 months according to the hotel staff, so we took advantage of the good weather and did what Sydneans do on a Sunday – we walked over the bridge across the harbor.  Need I say that the view of the opera house was spectacular from the bridge also?

The height of the bridge provided a great view of the harbor.  The harbor is huge, there is no way to see it all at once, but the panorama of inlets, promontories and little bays sprinkled with numerous sail boats was spectacular.  SInce we already crossed the bridge, we decided to explore the other side and delved into the residential neighborhood nearby.  It was not different from what we saw yesterday on our impromptu tour of Sydney – lots of tidy houses with front yards and gardens, so we returned to the hotel and took one of the ferries from one of the wharves at Circular Quay to Taranga Zoological Park.  The location of this zoo has to have it all over any other zoo.  It’s on a hill, and affords a great view of the harbor AND the opera house, of course.  It is amazing the way the architect positioned it – to be seen from almost every corner of the harbor!

But we didn’t come here for the view, but for the animals.  First stop – koalas.  Like the opera house, nothing prepares you for the sight of these adorable furry creatures.  We were lucky to find them right before they were fed, so they were awake and moving around.  They are just lovies – stuffed toys, real animals could not be that cute!

Now, the kangaroos were not that cute, especially the huge ones. One was sleeping on its back, with its legs up and full frontal presented to the public.  Another, a little wallaby, was nursing a baby in her pouch.

The platypus, sadly, did not show itself to the waiting crowd and the Tasmanian devil was sound asleep, evidently having erotic dreams with only one part of him in motion.

Back to the hotel to see the sun setting over the opera house.


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