Apres San Francicso

Especially striking was the difference between New York and San Francisco. Dynamic and exciting, New York is always unexpected. A glance up offers a glimpse of Art Deco architecture, a glimpse down, a view of fashionable footwear. The side streets are narrower than in San Francisco and thus more proportional to the buildings. They are tree-lined and many a window is adorned with flowers. Surprisingly, you would expect more shrubbery and flowers in the warm California climate, but they are much more into health and organic gardening over there than into an an eye-pleasing aesthetics.
At the corner of Broadway and 79th street, there was a new whimsical sculpture of a giant crow perched on top of a pyramid consisting of three giant apples. The corner of Broadway and 72th was graced with a giant blue rotund penguin.
People were everywhere, noisy, loud, talking on the phone. In San Francisco, we we were shocked at how few people walked the streets and how quiet they were. Not even talking on cell phones, ubiquitous everywhere else.
Fifth Avenue had a parade. High School marching bands were strutting up the avenue strumming their strings and hooting their winds.
Bryant Park had an early Holiday Fare with various artisans selling happy holiday merchandise and a line of people was waiting to skate in a temporary skating rink. I had a cup of thick, gooey, and very hot chocolate from Max Brenner – a great way to warm up your body and your soul.


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