Howard Street below SoMa

The divide between rich and poor is very distinct in this city, and once you cross the line, poverty is in your face. Homeless are many, they push around carts loaded with their earthly goods and chattels. Many, clearly, had their brains severely altered curtesy of the extended usage of illegal substances.
Architecturally, middle class neighborhoods don’t look much different from the drug-infested areas. The houses are the same light-colored Queen Annes, Edwardians, and Art Decos everywhere in the city, but the the abundance of rugged shady characters mark the divide.
Speaking of architecture, the facades of these whimsical houses in poor areas painted in various hues of pale beige. In that, they differ from the happy palette of lavender, rose petal, periwinkle blue, violet, and all the other pastels of the rainbow in affluent neighborhoods. Also missing are trees along the streets and flower boxes in the windows. I wish the rule of the beige would be broken!
This city is truly a city of contrasts. Some neighborhoods are happy-go-lucky Miami Beach while the others are somberly Pacific. The financial district is certainly not the same city as the Marina. Also, the drab-looking populace intermittent with more than a fair share of weirdos on the streets is a far cry for the sophisticated and fashionable people in the restaurants.


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