Canyon Road Revisited, New Mexican Sunset

Our B&B house mother is an excellent chef. She made an outstanding breakfast to follow last night’s decadent cake and cookies.
After breakfast we said good bye to our beautiful Southwestern room and set out back to Santa Fe. At the approach to Santa Fe, we saw a sign for Tesuque Pueblo flea market and got off the road. The flea market was mostly jewelry and more jewelry. Honestly, I can’t look at Indian and Southwestern jewelry anymore. Most of it is very beautiful but omnipresent! I don’t know how people decide which piece to get – I can’t make a decision in this sea of turquoise, coral, and all the other brightly colored semiprecious stones!
But what I did buy, was more food. Despite still having a full stomach, I couldn’t turn down Indian fried bread bought from a sweet Native American grandma.
After the market, we decided to go back to Canyon Road to see the side of the street we didn’t get to check out several days ago. On the way, we stopped for coffee at Chocolate Maven where I couldn’t turn down cottage cheese pancakes prepared from their own secret recipe homemade batter and served with blueberry-rhubarb compote. Instead of coffee, I opted for Mayan hot chocolate with red chillies. That was the right choice. I am glad we are leaving tomorrow. Food here is too good and too hard to turn down!
Gallery shopping was enjoyable once again. The owners love to chat you up and tell you about the artists they sell. Actually, the more you hang out at a gallery, the more you hear about the artists, the more you look at the art they created, the more inclined you become to remortgage your house and buy a couple of $30,000 paintings.
But Santa Fe closes up early, and at five o’clock all the galleries were shut down. We had no choice but to go eat again, this time at a tapas place, which hosts major milongas every Tuesday.
We finally had to part with Santa Fe and head to Albuquerque for tomorrow’s flight home. We picked a great time to drive back. The sun was setting. It was a live picture show, and it lasted the entire way down. I have no words to describe the beauty of this sunset. Sunsets like this don’t happen back east. First, you get a panoramic 360 degree view of the sky as the canvass for the light show. And second, the sun reflects off the clouds and the mountains creating magical places at the edge of the earth. I clearly saw a lake with islands and a blazing forest on the other side. It is easy to understand how legends are born from seeing such sunsets. You just know, gods live there, on the other side of this lake, in that blazing forest.

And so, to sum it all up, Santa Fe is a great place to visit. It is so different from the Northeast that you feel like you are in a foreign land. The galleries are fun to visit, the food is outstanding, and opera and concerts arrive here in July and August.
This is definitely a place I would want to return to. And Taos Pueblo is still on my list!


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