Taos, The Enchanted Circle

Our grand plan was to visit Taos Pueblo, one of the oldest pueblos in the country. Excited, we drove up to the entrance to the pueblo, only to face a huge sign “Closed.” Practically in tears, I asked the guide guarding the gate, why?! “Activities,” he said, “until Tuesday.”
If you ask me, they have too many activities:-((
With our plans thwarted, we went on a drive of the Enchanted Circle, north of Taos. The drive took several hours including a tiny bit of hiking and a lunch stop. As far as I am concerned, whoever named it, was grossly exaggerating the attributes of the circle. The road was rather spotted as far as natural beauty goes. Pretty at times. it was never spectacular enough to warrant the several-hours drive.
Back in Taos, we decided to check out the local art scene.
Taos Plaza has a feel of a Mexican town. It lacks the sophistication of Santa Fe. Most shops on the plaza are lowly souvenir shops and the grassy center has a low-key provincial air. That said, I like it. There is something here in Taos, so sincere and true to its frontier core, that it is truly endearing. I also feel a stream of positive energy emanating from the area. It is tangible!
The plaza was slowly filling up with antique cars we saw in Abiquiu. Tomorrow, there will be an official parade.
Off the plaza, the shops became more artisanal. I can’t really call them “galleries”, they don’t live up to that name.
Where Santa Fe had high end artistic work on display, Taos had artisans, artist wannabes, and artists hoping to be discovered with prices to match while still fun to look at.
I bought a pretty bowl made by the artist, whose bowls, supposedly, are in the White House Collection (I don’t know if I believe that, but who the h-ll cares as long as I like it).
For dinner, we went to another terrific restaurant, The Love Apple. Food here in New Mexico is simply outstanding! The ingredients are perfectly fresh and truly organic, and the chefs are skilled and imaginative. They prepare meals with distinct Southwestern flavor and exquisite taste.
The B&B mama baked amazing cake and cookies. I’ll miss them tomorrow! All this eating is taking a toll on my girly figure 😉 Will have to pay for it later :-((


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