Santa Fe Indian Market, Day 2

In the morning, we moved our stuff from the dingy “Motel 6” to Don Gaspar, the B & B we are going to stay at the next few nights. This place has Southwester charm, a large bathroom, and whole coffee beans for our morning fix.
Yesterday, I felt the unmistakable symptoms of Stendahl Syndrome triggered by Indian Market and all the art galleries. .After some hyperventilating I had to take several deep breaths to pull myself together.
Today, the morning at Indian Market started with a fashion contest for the best Native American outfit. Participants ranged from a 16-month old tyke to a chief in full regalia. Not only did they wear amazing handmade clothes, but also beaded moccasins, jewelry on all suitable body parts, and elaborate hairdos topped with ornaments. Unlike today’s fashion, men’s attire was by far much more elaborate and impressive than the women’s.
The second part of the show was dedicated to the contemporary take on the Indian traditional garb. In this Native American Project Runway, the winner was the guy over whose $18,000 beaded purse I drooled yesterday. He designed a flowing gown with a bodice constructed entirely of beaded flowers. Well deserved!
In the intermission, we were entertained by an Alaskan singer, the self-proclaimed “Inuit, once known as Eskimo.” She regaled us with “throat singing” – a cacophony of inhuman, raspy sounds, the likes of which I’d never heard coming out of any breathing being. She explained that it took her a year of training to develop the muscles necessary to produce this call of the wild.
After the show, we hit the market once again, and, along the way, several brick and mortar galleries.
At night, we went to a local concert hall for a chamber music concert. The hall was intimate and afforded a great view even from the topmost balcony, not to mention a great sound. The building was dating back probably to the 1920’s, and was resplendent in its early Southwestern décor. These two days were great fun. It would be hard to find other fine activities to match.


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