Lucerne, Swiss German Wedding, Chocolate

If you have time to visit only one Swiss town, it should be Lucerne. Lucerne has got it all: a beautiful setting on a lake, surrounding mountains, medieval churches, painted houses, 19th century mansions, covered bridges, cobblestone streets, bakeries, chocolate shops, fine restaurants, ice-cream parlors, good shopping, and good people watching.
As you can tell, of all cities, towns, and villages we visited in Switzerland, we liked Lucerne the most.
In my humble opinion, there are four reasons why you should visit Switzerland:
To eat chocolate
To see magnificent scenery
To see Lucerne
To eat chocolate
There are so many artisan chocolate shops here, and all of them produce the kind of chocolate, which during its brief sojourn with your taste buds, send you straight to haven.
As to the rest of Swiss cuisine, it is, similarly to other Nordic countries, meant to keep you warm during the endless winter months. The food here is hearty and tastes homemade even in cafeterias, but heavy on meat and potatoes, light on spices – tasty but boring. The only inventive dinner we had was in the “1871” restaurant in Lucerne. Another memorable meal was the buffet breakfast at Kempinski Hotel in St. Moritz, the likes of which we had never ever had anywhere in the world. Also, coffee in this country is quite good – very strong, rich, and very hot – just like I like it.
So we toured the city, ate chocolate, visited a flea market, and as we were getting ready to walk back to our car, we heard sounds of music from a large church nearby. We walked over and saw musicians playing traditional Swiss alphorns – 10-foot long instruments with one end resting on the ground, and the other end – in the musician’s month. We also saw a huge group of people dressed in traditional clothes and little girls in folk dresses throwing around candy. That gave us an inkling that it was a wedding but we could not locate the bride. Finally, someone pointed her out to us. She was wearing a long ivory coat, a headband with a bow, and bright red lipstick. All you single gals out there, don’t lose hope. The bride looked like she was in her seventies and her groom appeared to be in his thirties.
As the happy couple was accepting good wishes from their guests, we were gaping at them open-mouthed until startled by tooting. We turned around and saw a mini-caravan. Leading the way, was an antique car in two shades of vomit-green. In its footsteps, there was an antique fire engine, and bringing in the rear – a bus out of Lost. They came to collect the bridal party.
Kenny befriended one of the guests and extracted information on the happy couple. Both are Swiss German architects working in Dubai, and the musicians and vehicles were gifts from their dear friends.
And that is how our last day in Switzerland ended.


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