Lausanne, Gruyeres, Bulle, Lake Morat

Lausanne’s old town is a delightful respite from the uniformity of German Swiss architecture. Here color comes into play along with whimsical balconies and mansard roofs. Lausanne is built on three hills, and tall hills at that. The hills are connected by bridges. When you walk on a bridge, you see that the city exists simultaneously on two levels: on both sides and down under the bridge.
The first indication we were in France was the food: the French are serious about eating. One interesting thing: in some restaurants in Switzerland they serve seconds. First, you get your entree, and as soon as you clean up your plate, you get your second portion of the same stuff, only slightly smaller. The second indication was fashion, which is closer to Paris than dowdy Zurich.
After half a day of touring, we left for Gruyeres, a town in the Swiss countryside. Gruyeres is a hill town basically consisting of a single street leading to a castle behind rampart walls. It’s a toy town in appearance, perfectly perfect, with a perfectly perfect view from its lofty location. Every house on the street is adorned with certain individual little touches, which adds to its charm. The town is not residential anymore, it has been converted into a tourist trap, but it is so adorable and the views are so spectacular, that I place it on my list of prettiest little towns of the world.
On the way from this doll town to our next destination, we stopped in a living town, Bulle. Bulle is probably just one of many pretty Swiss towns, each one of them in possession of an old town and a castle. But it was nice to experience the ambiance of a real town with no tourists in sight, no English spoken, and people actually living in stately old and slightly decaying buildings.
We arrived at our hotel in Murten late. We did not get upgraded! Darn! We had to go back to a small room :-(. But we have a balcony overlooking lake Murat and we caught a glimpse of one amazing sunset, all pink and rose petals – quite spectacular!


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