Seabourn Legend

Our last day is at sea.  Since I have nothing else to report, I’ll report on the ship.

Seabourn Legend is an all-suite ship.  The suites are all the same except for the two owner’s suites.  Also, some of the suites have doors that open up to French balconies, which are balconies only in name – they are about 4-inch wide.  There are no real balconies.

The ship holds a total of 208 passengers, we were supposed to be 190, but 20 didn’t make it because of the volcanic cloud, so we are 170.  And there are 300 crew.  The service is top notch.  I don’t know how they do it, but many crew members  greet us by our names, including the crew who work behind the scene.  Yesterday an officer, who looked completely unfamiliar to me, said “Hello, Mrs. Toff”.  Huh?  Do I know you???

The food is gourmet, but the desserts and bread fade in comparison to Oceania.  The portions are small, which is perfectly fine with me, but some people quietly complain.  Naturally, they can ask for seconds, but people feel embarrassed.  There are two restaurants.  All drinks are included.

The passenger body is definitely senior.  We are, probably, the youngest.  Everybody is very civil, well-mannered, and polite.  Most people are from the US, the next country is Australia, then Germany and the UK – the rich countries.  Every other day we get printed personal invitations to dine with one of the entertainers.  We like that because there are 6 guests altogether at each such table, and we get to meet other passengers as well as to talk to the entertainers who are always fun people.  Of course, we can decline an invitation if we have other plans.

The entertainment for such a small ship was amazing!  The most talented is our cruise director, Eric from Canada.  Not only is he a cruise director, but a singer, an actor, and a producer.  He is also a former figure skater.  Other entertainers include a fiddling duo of a Welsh and  a Japanese girl, a sultry singer from Texas, a dueting Polish couple, the guy of the couple is also a virtuoso piano player, and other, not as stellar performers.

The fact that the ship is so small allowed her to dock right in towns, no tendering.  Also, you could get off the boat in no time.  It’s really nice that everything is included, even bottled water before you get off the ship.  The only thing that is not included is the Internet, which is expensive and slow.

Overall, sailing on the Legend is very pleasant and we would do it again.

As far as the ports of call go, none of them looked as pretty from the sea as did Kotor, Portofino, or Yalta.  And compared to my ultimate etalon, Italy, only Catalonia measured up somewhat.  That said, I am glad I got to see them because, imho, almost every place is worth visiting once.


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