Mazatlan, Centro Historico ,Topolo

Yesterday was our last day here, so we spent it on the beach trying to soak up as much sun as we could before returning  to winter.  In the evening, we went back to Centro Historico. The main square came to life on Friday night.  The central part of the square was filled with jugglers, dancers, and clowns.  Music was pouring from every restaurant and people were eating in outdoor cafes.  We, however, went on one of the side streets to the  restaurant called Topolo.  Now, if you are in Mazatlan, you must go to Topolo!

We entered through an arched doorway framed with a lace of wrought iron, stepped under a beamed overhang and from there in the inner courtyard and into the movie “Frieda.”

The walls of the courtyard were painted crimson with ochre columns and upper beams.  The colors were deep and warm despite their brightness.  The walls were decorated with local crafts, paintings, and one colonial mirror.  The floor was a mix of tiles and gravel from which mighty trees rose up to the sky.  Between the trees stood tables covered with jacquard tablecloths, some flanked with wrought iron, other with colonial mahogany chairs.  Planters and driftwood were set between the tables and some of the trees and one wall were decked out in Christmas lights.  There were just enough decorations and the whole open-air atrium was finished in perfect taste with nothing extraneous, with every items perfectly in place, with all the colors of exactly the right shade, all unmistakably Mexican sans cheap trinkets you normally see everywhere.

It was an absolute visual delight!  To compete the pleasure,  a musician was playing Latin tunes on his acoustic guitar and softly crooning to it.

The total effect was absolutely perfect!

The food was good as far as Mexican food goes (I am not a big fan).  A waiter prepared salsa for us right by our table in one of those caldrons/mortars.  I had pork shank that was quite tender and served with a spicy sauce, and for desert, Kenny had Mexican coffee, which our waiter ignited several times and proceeded to perform a show of pyrotechnics.

Ok, so to sum it all up.  You know, I am not a beach person and the Caribbean is not my choice destination.  But this town has some spirit, the resort was free, and the dollar goes a long way here.  Yet nice as it was to get away from the cold, I am looking forward to April, when we’ll sail from Lisbon to Monte Carlo, and until then, goodbye ye’all!


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