Mazatlan, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay

This is our third morning here.  The mornings are what I like the most.  I drink my coffee on the balcony while the guys are asleep, and gaze at the view in front of me.  From the third floor, the ground below is all palm trees and other tropicals with some water from the pools peeking through, and all the tasteless architecture and ridiculous sculptures are hidden in the flora.  The bay curve is beautiful and the few hotels on the other side don’t look offensive from this distance.

There are a lot of birds here.  Some little birdies and small crows keep landing on my balcony.  In fact, there are too many birds here.  Turkey vultures and seagulls circle around the beach constantly.  Yesterday, when Jason and I were playing scrabble on the beach, a bird pooped on the board.  I had been leading until then but cleaning the poop changed my luck and Jason ended up winning 😉

It’s warm during the day and cools off at night.  I was downright cold at the sunset and had to warm up in a hot tub.

Yesterday, we went to a timeshare spiel with a pushy and dumb American surfer who put me and Jason into the worst mood (nothing phased Kenny).  That was a hard earned $200!  You don’t know how to react when a salesperson is an insult to your intelligence and treats you as if you were born yesterday.

Another salesguy on the beach begged us to come to the neighboring timeshare for a spiel for $250, but after yesterday’s experience that is totally a no-go.  We are thinking twice about taking the city tour the timeshare people offered – we are afraid of them now.

Haven’t been to town yet – this place is remotely located, which is great for having an almost private beach all to ourselves (not like in Costa Rica, but still…), but  getting into town is a bit of a shlepp.  So we have been eating here – it’s edible enough, they really try, but Caribbean food is never spectacular.


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