Mazatlan, Mexico, Musings on the Caribbean

Hello from Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay.

I am sitting here on a balcony of our hotel/condo overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the gardens below.  The temperature is in the high 70’s.  Don’t hate me.

Much as I don’t go for resorts and the Caribbean at that, I must admit that the change in weather is welcomed.  Especially, when it comes with a price tag of $0.

We arrived here after a journey consisting of a 4-hour flight to Houston, one-hour layover, another 2.5-hr flight to Mazatlan, and about an hour ride on a bus to our resort.  The resort is ok, no Caribbean resort ever swept me off my feet.  The grounds are always nice but the architecture is never remarkable.  If architecture is frozen music, this is Neil Diamond.  Actually, so far it doesn’t look any different from the Dominican Republic or Jamaica – the islands much closer to the East Coast, so I am not yet convinced it is worthwhile the trouble to fly all the way here.

The view from my balcony is very refreshing considering what’s back home.  I see the greenery below on the ground and the other side of the bay curve, not overly built with hotels, which leaves a lot of eye-pleasing sandy beaches, green banks, and mountains on the background.  Having a one-track mind, I’ll say, this is no Amalfi coast for you, but neither is it the Jersey shore.  So I am not complaining.

We had dinner last night on a patio overlooking the water and the sun setting into the ocean.  As a perk for listening to a timeshare spiel, we got a free breakfast, welcome drinks, $200 towards food at the resort, and a tour of Mazatlan.  I hear, there is an old town here and am looking forward to seeing it.  Ever since I read Montezuma’s Daughter as a child, I developed a fascination with the Aztecs and Mexico as their home, so we’ll se if Mazatlan lives up to its Aztec name.

I don’t know if I am going to write again on this trip – this place does not inspire me, but check my blog in case I do.


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