Inside the Flatiron, Union Square, Gramercy Park triangle

Sadly, dusk descends onto the city and congeals into darkness way too quickly at this latitude.  The tops of the buildings on Broadway leading up from Union Square fade into the dim light.  One moment – and magical light is gone as night shrouds the city – The City.

The triangle encompassing Union Square, Gramercy Park, and the Flatiron Building contains some of the best examples of New York Art Deco architecture.  New York does not boast the perfect architectural ensembles of the great Old World cities, but that is where its charm lies.  On a single block, your eye will glide over an Art Deco tower framed on either side by nondescript buildings accentuating its finesse.  Down the block, another building with ornate relieves and fine balconies is a neighbor to a quintessential downtown five-story walk up, set out by fire escapes.  A brick church with stained glass windows completes the block.  And on the street level are artfully decorated storefronts and chic but inviting restaurants

Perfect beauty is always appreciated but only an imperfect twist will drive one crazy.  In Paris, the same type of beauty is expected and delivered street after street, block after block.  Here, one doesn’t know what is around the corner or even down the block.  The unexpected is exhilarating and every new discovery is so much more rewarding.

And hey,  our New York girls can hold their own against Parisian girls!  They are as stylish and quirkily fashionable as ever!

Love you New York!


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