Peru: Aguas Caliente

In Aguas Caliente we stayed in an eco lodge that had its own coffee and
tea plantations and a processing plant. These coffee and teas are
served with freshly baked breads and home-made jams to the hotel quests.  We visited a hot
spring and for a whooping $3.50 a head immersed ourselves into the
warm and cloudy waters all the while inhaling the aroma of hydrogen
The town of Aguas Caliente is a way station to Machu Picchu.  It is
basically a shantytown amidst magnificent Andean mountains around a
stream running down from the mountains over huge boulders.

After two nights recovering from the hike in real beds on clean sheets and taking long hot showers, we headed back to Cusco in an antique-looking train, and today we
are flying into Lima from where, after a half day tour, we will fly
back home.  Since I am not going to have Internet anymore, I am going
to wrap up my narrative right now.
So, to sum it all up, this was one of the most unforgettable trips I
ever took.  The scenery is breathtaking, the ruins and Cusco are
magical, the indigenous people have a unique culture, the food and
shopping are very good.  Now, having recovered after the hike, the bad
is fading into the background, and the good is surfacing.  The nature
was glorious and the ruins we passed could not have been reached any
other way.  The trail was incredibly difficult but what exacerbated it
was that the camp sites are assigned by the Peruvian government at random, I believe,
so our campsites were such that we had to hike two long days
and one half day before we arrived at the last campsite.  If the
hiking distances were spread out more evenly, it would make the trek a
bit easier.  The second thing was my nasal congestion, and the last
but not least was the crazy pace of the hike.  We were doing power
walking bordering on jogging  on a difficult terrain, in high
altitude, on a constant incline-decline.

So this is the end of my Peruvian journey.  I apologize for all the
mistakes.  Spanish keyboards are different from the typical qwertys we are used to, plus they differ from
one hotel to the other, and sometimes, it is not easyto find all the
punctuation marks. And remember my disclaimer: Opinions expressed here
are solely mine and do not represent blah-blah, blah-blah-blah…


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