Black Sea Cruise: Constanta

Day 5, Constanta, Romania

How do I tell you about Constanta?  How do I find a way?
How do I describe the feeling that came over me after walking its
streets for about an hour when I realized that I had surely traveled
into the future, in the months after the nuclear holocaust.  This
sense was even more heightened with the almost total absence of people
on the streets.  Shells of gutted buildings, ruins of others,
others yet seemingly uninhabitable.  At first, my only reaction was to turn
back to the safety of the ship and urge the management to take this city off
their future itineraries, but then a feeling of wonder came over me –
how else can you travel into the future and see what it is going to
look like after World War III?  But wait, as I was standing near a
building that looked like a bombed out shell, I heard a roaring noise
over my head.  I looked up and saw two military aircraft, circa 1945,
flying low over my head.  And then I knew – we were not in the future
but in the first days after the fall of the Reichstag.
The fighter planes flew over, no bombs dropped.  Ooph!  The war is
definitely over.
From the war zone we proceeded farther and traveled 30 years into the
future, to 1975.  Here, there was a resort town with people sitting in
an outdoor café, there was a mall nearby with a singular sign of
higher civilization – a clean bathroom complete with toilet paper.  We
walked past all of that and to the sea where the beach was nice and
sandy and the sea looked green and peaceful.  Except that we saw these
two females and a shaggy dog lying on the ground (dead or alive, we couldn’t tell), and
the women were shearing the dog, putting the fur in a prepared bag.  Perhaps,
to knit some local items and sell them to the unsuspecting tourists.
Kenny did better today.  The only two things that happened to him were
a scratched knee he got on a barbed wire outside a porto potty and a step into a pile of concrete, luckily dry.
Our entertainment for tonight is a classical/Spanish guitarist who
actually played for us on our previous Oceania cruise.  He had a way with his
guitar and I am really looking forward to hearing him again.


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