Black Sea Cruise: Nessebur

Day 4, Nessebur, Bulgaria

Dear all,
Today we visited the Bulgarian town of Nessebur.  This tiny town,
covering an entire island, happened to be a nice surprise.  While
Mother Nature was very generous to the piece of real estate occupied
by Istanbul, the people undid its beauty.  In this town, the little
houses and the remnants of old churches don’t fight with the
environment but exist in harmony with it.  The town is built of stone,
some brick, and aged wood planks.  The roads are cobblestone galore.
All that plus flowering bushes, flowers in the window sills, lush
vegetation along the waterfront, enormous rusted anchors strategically
placed to enhance the scenery, colorful boats on the water, orange
tiled roofs on the banks rising up from the water – all this is a total
opposite to Istanbul with no greenery, no flowers, dirty
cinderblock, and rubber roofs.  Another nice touch was that the
merchants didn’t try to pull you into the stores, didn’t stick to you
like the glue, and didn’t try to swindle you, at least not too
overtly.  I wish there were less of them, though.  The town was
overflowing with cheap chachkas plus a lot Nazi memorabilia.
Kenny, ever the klutz, tripped, for a change, and twisted his ankle.
That is in addition to his arm pain, radiating from his spine, that he
has been nursing since Thursday.

He is in the room now icing his ankle, his arm, and his neck.  I think
he is also seasick.


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