Chile: Isla Magdalena, Punta Arenas

Today we arrived in Punta Arenas, the city whose claim to fame is
that it is southernmost in the world.  It is vying for this title with
Ushuaia, our last stop, which is geographically southernmost but may
not qualify to be called a city because of its size.  Punta Arenas had
several nice looking buildings and a pleasant square.  Most stores
were closed for a siesta – an unusual custom for such a cold climate.
The only open jewelry shop made out on the starved for shopping
cruise ship passengers.
We took a ferry to Isla Magdalena (4 hr roundtrip) to spend 1 hr.
watching penguins.  This genus of penguins was short-statured and they were also muddy. Don’t call me a cynic, the birds just don’t do it
for me.  They scurried around minding their own business and we walked
between and around them.  
We got back on the ship early enough to make afternoon tea and to feast
on amazing German pancakes.  The food on board is quite nice but the
desserts are generally substandard.  The best thing about this cruise
is the staff.  They are pretty much outstanding.  The worst thing is
that it is a relocation cruise disguised as an expedition.
Our main activity for tomorrow is an hour and a half Zodiac tour around a glacier. I am quite bored.


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