Chile: Strait of Magellan

We passed by the southernmost point of the South American continent
this morning and continued on through the Strait of Magellan.  All
you, intrepid adventurers and explorers at heart, don’t hold your
breath.  As poetic as it might sound, it is actually a quite prosaic
dark water channel between yet the same mountains.  The big excitement
of the day was the call of the wild announcing that a whale has been
spotted.  Obediently, we took our positions on the deck and patiently
waited for the whale to make another appearance, while it, invisible
to us, made its way to the parts of the ocean unreachable by our
collective naked eye.
The second call summoned us on deck to observe one of the islands in
the stream populated by birds.  Armed with binoculars, we lined up on
deck yet again, and patiently observed the birds roosting on the
island.  I had not had so much fun since my nap this afternoon.
This evening will bring some grand planned activities to which we
received official invitations, namely, a cocktail party (may I remind
you that alcohol is free on this ship) and later on, a dinner with the
chief engineer.  Sadly, we did not qualify to dine with the captain.
And for the literary types, I hid the names of two books in today’s
report, one by Ernest Hemingway and another by Jack London.  Did
they jump right at you?


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