Chile: cruising

This morning we entered a fjord.  A fjord is a good thing because a)
the sea is calm inside a fjord and b) the rocky walls of a fjord hug
the water within, which is very comforting to my soul which drown
several lifetimes ago within the body it inhabited at the time.  It is
(my soul, that is) is still deadly afraid of water, and always longs to
be within eyesight of dry land.
The weather was overcast and rainy and only the diehards got inside
Zodiacs for a Zodiac cruise of the fjord.  We left the ship and
entered a black and white movie.  The water, the mountains, and the
sky above were all different shades of grey.  It was actually quite
dreamy and mysterious to look at, not much variety, however.  Back on
the ship, we sailed through the Darwin Chanel, everyone ran onto the
wet deck to be part of the black and white movie happening outside.
We are now floating through a fjord, an activity to be had for the
next two days.  Not much to look forward to.  Hopefully, we will be
entertained by the motley crew of the charismatic globetrotters, aka
our expedition leaders and naturalists, who hail from England (three
sweet nerds: a birder, a historian, and a botanist), Australia (our
fearless leader – a cutie), New Zealand (a gorgeous male specimen with
some Maori blood in his veins, no doubt), the US (the only attractive
female in the group), Holland (another girl), Bolivia (a geologist who
claims he knows me from somewhere), and Latvia (I think, a fellow
Jewish expat); and range in age from 30 something to 45, by my rough
estimation.  Since we are going to be at sea for the next two days, I
don’t know if I am going to find anything to write about, so you might
get a respite from my narratives, while I hope not to die of boredom
in my cabin.


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