Chile: Chiloe

Today we visited the archipelago of Chiloe.  Finally, we got to see
the austere beauty of Nordic nature.  The sky was covered with thick
clouds and the resulting dim light made the hills, lakes, rivers, and
valleys forbiddingly beautiful.  Practically incessant rain guarantees
the deep green flora.  This archipelago hosts several fishing villages
compiled of wood-shingled houses.  The shingles are quite amazing;
many are carved by hand and very ornate.  If the villagers only cared
enough to paint them once in a while, the houses would be totally
magical, the stuff of fairly tales.  An 18th century church we visited
was truly a work of carving art.  At lunch at the local
restaurant/village club, we were entertained with a performance of local
dancing – no traces of Latin flavor.  The dance was somewhat German or
Polish, arms akimbo, feet kicking, accompanying music also Germanic in
tune, even though one of the instruments in the band was a guitar, but
another instrument, get a load of this, was a real horse mandible.
How do you like that?


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