Chile: Valparaiso

This morning we walked up and down Valparaiso hills.  My love affair with the city was coming to an end, infatuation waning under the weight of the ruins of its former glory.  We took a wild taxi ride to the port and went through the looking glass from the third world of the city into the first world of luxury cruising,
The coast of Chile melted into the sea and we entered the rough waters.  At dinner, the horizon went up and down the whole height of the window, and people started dropping out like flies.  One couple at our table left before ordering food, I ordered and fled to the cabin, Kenny stayed but took breaks between the courses to relieve himself of the food just eaten.  The survivors of seasickness stayed in the dining room and bonded over the bodies of their fallen comrades.  I am lying on the berth, which is a berth only in the name, since it is actually a very soft bed with a goose down comforter and pillows.  Kenny came in and succumbed to seasickness despite a patch and medications (myself, being a naturalist, I rely on wrist bands).  If this pattern continues, I’ll come home size 2 – my consolation for missing gourmet meals.  Will send this tomorrow – we are too sick to get the internet.


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